Open letter to the president of UPM, Mr. Wahlroos

Montevideo, January 20th, 2020. Mr. Björn Wahlroos,UPM President The undersigned want to convey our deep indignation at the concepts expressed in your recently published book in Finland, which we learned from an article in a newspaper in Uruguay, entitled «The President of UPM says that the pulp industry has done «miracles» in Uruguay» (Natalia Uval, […]

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On Independence Day, we declare the agreement between Uruguay and UPM void and of no value

Last Sunday (1), we, a group of citizens of the National Coordination against UPM went to Piedra Alta in the department of Florida to participate in the acts to commemorate the Independence of Uruguay and to spread this new declaration of Independence. Given that: – the agreement – which is arbitrary, unconstitutional and against the […]

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Joint Statement of Uruguayan, Finnish, and International Environmental and Social Groups about UPM2

UPM announced on July 23rd that it will install in Uruguay a second pulp mill which will be one of the largest in the world with a production capacity of about 2.33 million tons/year. This megaproject will produce significant environmental, social, and cultural damage. In the context of a global socio-environmental crisis, this project represents […]

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Uruguay Goes into Debt with Million-Dollar Infrastructure at the Service of a Multinational Pulp Company

As a condition to install its second pulp mill, the company UPM demanded that the Uruguayan government build a new railroad from the site where UPM plans to locate its mill to the port. The government would cover the costs of these infrastructure projects at the service of UPM. The infrastructure of a country or […]

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Uruguayan organizations opposing UPM’s new pulp mill appeal to the Finnish government

Montevideo, June 28, 2019. Representatives of Uruguayan social organizations gathered in the “National Coordination of Social Organizations Against UPM”, delivered a letter to the Honorary Consul of Finland in Uruguay where they expressed their total opposition to the project of installing a second pulp mill of the UPM company. “This project agreed upon between UPM […]

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Joint Statement of Uruguayan and Finish social movements against UPM’s plans to build a new pulp mill in Uruguay

This international cooperation of social movements shares a common interest in protecting our environment and human rights including the right to dignified employment and housing. Our aim is to protect the quality of life in our communities’ land, water, and people.

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National Citizen Petition: UPM2 NO

This initiative, led by a movement* of peoples concerned about the leonine agreement between the Uruguayan Executive Goverment and the UPM transnational company to facilitate the installation of a second UPM pulp mill in Uruguay (the third one in the country), not only questions the agreement but also demands that the Uruguayan government desist of […]

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Uruguay: the threat of a third mega pulp mill

In 2017, the Finnish company UPM signed a contract with the Uruguayan government to establish a third mega pulp mill. The project is subject to exorbitant conditions imposed by the multinational. With barely 17 million hectares of land and a population of just over three million, Uruguay is now home to two mega pulp mills. […]

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Organizations protest against the XIV FAO World Forestry Congress

On the occasion of the XIV World Forestry Congress, organized by the FAO in Durban, South Africa, between 7 and 11 September, we, members of the Latin American Network against Monoculture Tree Plantations (RECOMA), along with diverse grassroots organizations, are disseminating this letter of protest to express our outrage with the erroneous and exclusionary manner […]

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Tell the United Nations: Plantations are NOT forests!

At the UN’s World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa, in September, policymakers, industry and others will debate the ‘sustainable future’ of forests and people. But there can be no sustainable future until the UN and governments accept that real forests have nothing in common with sterile industrial tree plantations. The world’s forests are being […]

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